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28 février 2015 6 28 /02 /février /2015 13:00
Ntamabyariro wahoze muri guverinoma y’ abatabazi yahamirijwe igifungo cya burundu y’ umwihariko

Ntamabyariro Agnes umwe mu bayobozi bakuru bari muri guverinoma y’abatabazi waburanishwaga mu mu rukiko rukuru,‬ azakomeza gufungwa burundu y’umwihariko nk’uko urukiko rwisumbuye rwari rwabyemeje.

Urukiko rukuru kuri uyu wa gatanu rwasomye umwanzuro ku rubanza rw’ubujurire ruregwamo Ntamabyariro Agnes wahoze ari minisitiri w’ubutabera muri guverinoma y’abatabazi.

Muri Mutarama 2009, urukiko rwisumbuye rwa Nyarugenge rwakatiye Agnes Ntamabyariro igihano cyo gufungwa burundu y’ umwihariko, maze nyuma y’ imyaka 5, kuwa 20 Gashyantare 2014, Agnes Ntamabyariro wari Minisitiri w’ Ubutabera ku ngoma y’ abatabazi yavuyeho mu 1994, agaruka imbere y’ urukiko kujuririra imyanzuro y’ urukiko yari yafatiwe nyuma yo guhamwa n’ ibyaha bya Jenocide yakorewe Abatutsi mu Rwanda 1994.

Ntamabyariro yari umwe mu bayoboke b’ ishyaka PL, akaba yarahamijwe kwicisha Jean Baptiste Habyarimana wahoze ari Perefe wa Perefegitura ya Butare. Afatwa nk’ umwe mu bateguye Jenoside, akaba yaranateguye ndetse akitabira inama i Nyanza no ku Kibuye, zabaga zigamije gucura umugambi wo kwica abatutsi.

Ntamabyariro yahamwe n’ ibyaha byo gushishikariza abahutu kwica abatutsi no gukora urutonde rw’ abatutsi bagombaga kwicwa’ akaba yarahamijwe no gutanga intwaro zifashishijwe mu kwica abatutsi 1994.

Uyu ni we mutegetsi wa mbere wo ku ngoma y’ Abatabazi waburanishijwe imbere y’ inkiko z’u Rwanda kuko abandi baburanishirijwe mu rukiko rwihariye rwashyiriweho u Rwanda rukorera i Arusha muri Tanzaniya, ubu ruri gusoza imirimo.

Yafashwe mu 1997, ariko akomeza kuvuga ko u Rwanda rwamushimutiye muri Zambiya mu gihe Ubushinjacyaha bwo buvuga ko bwamufatiye mu kivunge ari mu zindi mpunzi mu Rwanda atahuka.

src: Imirasire

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27 février 2015 5 27 /02 /février /2015 11:20
DRC Claims Bombing FDLR Bases

The Congolese armed forces have announced the beginning of military strikes on Rwanda genocidal militia, FDLR, and capturing one of the militants’ bases, Chimp Corps report.

DRC information Minister Lambert Mende said the army met “minimal resistance” against FDLR in the Tuesday offensive

The seriousness of DRC in neutralising the FDLR has always been a matter of concern for regional and international leaders.

This is premised on accusations that during the war on Tutsi M23 rebels, the Hutu militia were used in ground attacks as the South African airforce bombarded Brig Sultan Makenga’s bases.

The Tanzanian artillery component also played a key role in M23’s defeat in December 2013.

Mende said the army bombarded FDLR positions in Moyen Plateau of Mulenge and that the operation “yielded results.”

The DRC, UN, SADC, ICGLR, EU and other stakeholders gave FDLR the deadline of January 2, 2015 to disarm or face military action.

However, UN pulled out of the mission, saying DRC had assigned commanding positions to high ranking army officers accused of human rights abuses in previous military confrontations with rebels in eastern Congo.

The move angered regional leaders, with sources saying, Rwanda and Uganda are looking at other available military options to stop the security threat posed by FDLR and ADF militant groups in Eastern Congo.

Rwanda, which is directly threatened by FDLR, is yet to make remarks.

Foreign Minister Louis Mushikiwabo last week said, “Anybody would hope that a UN mission should not be in a country forever. We want to see results.”

Mushikiwabo, who was speaking at a joint press conference with her Germany counterpart, Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Kigali, further stressed that despite United Nations spending one billion dollars per annum on the stabilisation and peace enforcement body in DRC, “We have yet to see the results of MONUSCO.”

She emphasised that, MONUSCO “have a key role in the ending the terror of the FDLR genocide militia.”

A source last week said, “The East African Standby Force is likely to play a key role in neutralising the FDLR should DRC refuse to take on the militant groups in Eastern Congo.”

Mushikiwabo said Rwanda hopes “that those who have made pledges to remove the FDLR genocide militia from Eastern Congo will honour their commitments,” adding, “Military action against FDLR is very important to stop the genocide militia moving about and causing insecurity.”

She further said the removal of the FDLR threat would allow Rwanda to repatriate 70,000 Congolese refugees who fled the militia’s terror.

FDLR’s extremist ideology and radical leaders are blamed for the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. When Paul Kagame’s RPF guerrillas took power in 1994, the genocidaires fled to DRC where they attempted to ‘cleanse’ the region of all Tustis.

Thousands escaped to Rwanda for safety. Since then, FDLR have committed atrocities in DRC and also carried out bombings of the Rwandan territory.

The Germany Minister Steinmeier said the impediments to tackling FDLR must be resolved.

“The wounds of the genocide take time to heal, but Rwanda today is so far from that reality and I wish people to know this,” he stated, adding, “When I return home I will tell my fellow Germans about the efforts Rwanda is making to boost business opportunities.”

He concurred that Rwanda is an anchor of stability in a region “facing significant security challenges” especially from FDLR.

The European Union said in a recent report that FDLR have been receiving military and medical supplies from regional actors not to mention an intensified recruitment exercise of combatants.

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Published by Gakumba Adrien
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27 février 2015 5 27 /02 /février /2015 10:48
Rwanda: Ex President KAGAME Doctor Shot Dead

Rwanda National Police have commenced a deeper investigation into the killing of President Paul Kagame’s personal cardiologist, Dr Emmanuel Gasakure as he attempted to disarm a police officer on duty on Thursday morning, Chimp Corps report.

The incident, which Police described as “unfortunate,” occurred at around 6:35pm at the Remera Police Station in the capital Kigali on Wednesday.

The law enforcement body said in a statement that, a one Dr Gasakure who was “in detention was fatally wounded during a scuffle with a police officer on guard duty.”

It added that Dr Gasakure was in “police custody as part of investigations into offences including illegal entry on other person’s property, causing damage to property, illegal confinement, uttering verbal threats under the influence of alcohol or other stupefiant.”

Police Spokesperson Chief Supt Celestin Twahirwa said; “The deceased requested to go for a short call, was allowed but on getting out of the cell assaulted the officer on guard and tried to disarm him.”

Twahirwa added that, “In the ensuing scuffle the deceased was fatally wounded while the police officer sustained serious injuries and was rushed to hospital. Investigations into the incident have since been launched.”

He said police “regrets this incident and will keep the family informed as the investigation proceeds.”

source: Chimpreport

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Published by Gakumba Adrien
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18 février 2015 3 18 /02 /février /2015 12:30
DLR, ADF on Edge as East Africa Force Intensifies Drills

More than 300 troops from the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) have gathered at the Rift Valley City of Adama in Ethiopia for their final stage of the validation process in pursuit of attaining Full Operational Capacity (FOC), a year in advance of the Africa Standby Forces’ (ASF) target of December 2015.

The EASF is conducting a two week Command Post Exercise (CPX) code named “Mashariki Salam 2014,” meaning “peace in Eastern Africa” in preparations for operational capability which aims at responding to security threats in any of the Member States.

Some of the rebel groups which are expected to face this standby force include Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) and FDLR which continue to pose a regional security threat.

FDLR was given up to January 2014 to surrender and demobilise or face military action.

The EASF is a fortifying collective effort, matched by the political will of the EASF member States’ to satisfy the existential need by ensuring collective security of the region.

In his remarks during the official opening ceremony today, the Defence Minister for the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Mr. Siraj Fegessa, said, “The event marked the achievement of an important milestone for the region and a landmark foundation on which to declare a full operational capability of the EASF.”

The Exercise brings together a multinational and multidimensional regional team consisting of civilian, police and military components which have, over the years, undergone various aspects of Peace Support Operations (PSO) training to prepare for rapid deployment.

The Command Post Exercise 2014 is one of the major joint exercises which EASF has organized. Others are command post exercises 2008 and 2011 which were held in Nairobi, Kenya and in Khartoum, Sudan respectively, Field Training Exercises in 2009 and 2013 in Djibouti and Jinja in Uganda respectively.

Alongside the ongoing Exercise in Ethiopia, EASF is also in the process of finalizing a force verification procedure for all Member States to confirm readiness in preparation of declaration of Full Operational Capability in December 2014.

EASF Member States include Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda.

The EASF is one of the Regional Standby Forces established under the African Peace and Security Architecture to address conflict in the African Continent.

The other regional security blocks are the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the South Development Community (SADC), the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), and the Northern African Regional Community (NARC).

Src: Chimpreport

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Published by Gakumba Adrien
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18 février 2015 3 18 /02 /février /2015 11:59
Rwanda’s Itorero Rejuvenates Youth’ Self-esteem

The Minister of Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana, has urged young leaders from Kigali city to uphold discipline and become the agents of change in their respective communities.

He was speaking during the weekend at Tumba College of Technology in Rulindo district while closing a one week national Itorero commission civic education for youth leaders from all sectors and cell levels in Kigali City.

Minister Nsengimana tipped youth on having discipline and shun all bad vices that can be a barrier of their communities’ well-being.

He urged them to help fight drug abuse among peers and sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS to boost the quality of their lives.

The Youth and ICT Minister also urged leaders to be innovative by working hard to enhance their country’s development, adding the youth must use ICTs to accelerate the value of their work.

Speaking at the function, the Vice Chairman of the National Itorero Commission, Brigadier General Emmanuel Bayingana, told the youth that they had been given unequalled opportunity to lead positive lives.

“The government is investing a lot in educating the youth and nurturing them into responsible, productive and innovative citizens. A lot of effort has been put in helping them to grow with positive attitudes and we hope you will make use of the opportunity,” Bayingana told the youth.

Michelle Byiringiro, one of the participants from Kicukiro District said they learnt being agents of change in their respective villages; “I am very glad to participate in Itorero because now I understand my role as youth to change my fellows and our neighbors to share with them how to embrace our cultural values and boost the country’s development.”

“The youth have to show their strength in the use of technologies if we want to continue with a better future,” Minister Nsengimana said.

The civic education camp (Itorero) for 390 youth representatives drew participants from Gasabo, Kicukiro and Nyarugenge districts.

During seven days, the youth learned how to find solutions themselves to same challenges that hinder their welfare by practical actions dubbed Imikoro-Ngiro.

The ongoing Itorero for youth leaders from across the country called Inkomezamihigo is organised by the Ministry of Youth and ICT, National Commission of Itorero, Rwanda Defense Force, National Youth Council, Ministry of Local Government , Rwanda National Police and other partners.

The ‘Itorero ry’igihugu’” is culturally course based in exhorting the core values and traditions of Rwandans, patriotism and the vision of the country towards development.

Participants committed their efforts to use the acquired skills during the training to ensure their communities are improved.

src: chimpreport

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Published by Gakumba Adrien
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12 février 2015 4 12 /02 /février /2015 13:34
Ingabo za Congo zifatira agatama hafi y’ibirindiro bya FDLR

Igihe Loni ihakana ko yahagaritse ubufasha bwayo mu bitero kuri FDLR, bamwe mu basirikare ba Congo Kinshasa (FARDC) bari bateguwe kurwana urwo rugamba, birirwa banywera inzoga hafi y’ibirindiro bya FDLR bategereje amabwiriza yo gutangiza ibitero.

FARDC yari yamaze gutegura ingabo zizatera FDLR zifatanyije n’iza Loni ziri muri icyo gihugu ariko Loni yanga gukorana n’abajenerali bari baziyoboye kuko hari ibyaha by’intambara ibashinja.

Umunyamakuru wa BBC Maude Julien wageze aho izo ngabo za FARDC zikambitse hafi y’agace kigaruriwe na FDLR, yatangaje ko yasanze benshi mu basirikare birirwa banywa inzoga zengerwa muri ako gace, mu gihe bagitegereje amabwiriza y’ibitero aturutse i bukuru.

Maude yemeza ko ingabo za Congo Kinshasa zitagira ikinyabupfura n’ubushake ku buryo zatera FDLR zitabifashijwemo na MONUSCO.

Kwirirwa zipfa ubusa ntibigaragara ku ngabo za FARDC gusa, kuko umutwe w’ingabo washyizweho na Loni ku ya 28 Werurwe 2013 ngo urandure imitwe yitwaje intwaro mu Burasirazuba bwa Congo, FIB, na wo wicaye ubusa, utegereje ko Loni yawutegeka kurandura FDRL nk’uko wabigenjereje M23.

Kurwanya FDLR byari mu nshingano z’uyu mutwe ugizwe n’ingabo 3,069, za Malawi, Tanzania na Afurika y’Epfo, wanafashije FARDC kurwanya M23 no mu bindi bitero bihashya imwe mu mitwe yitwaje intwaro.

Umuvugizi w’igisirikare cya Afurika y’Epfo Capt. Jaco Theunissen avuga ko nta na kimwe uwo mutwe wakora udahawe uburenganzira na Loni.

Ati "Ingabo ziri mu maboko ya Loni, ibitero kuri FDLR ni bo babigenga kandi ibyo bavuze tubyemera inyuguti ku yindi.”

Loni yivuguruje ku byo guhagarika gufasha RDC guhashya FDLR

Kuwa kane w’icyumweru gishize, Umuvugizi wa Loni, Stephane Dujarric yabwiye Ibiro Ntaramakuru by’Abafaransa, AFP ko Umuryango w’abibumbye wavanyeho ubufasha wari guha Congo Kinshasa mu bitero kuri FDLR ikaba igitegereje ko ikibazo cy’abo bajenerali gikemuka ikabusubizaho.

Ariko ikinyamakuru Bloomberg kivuga ko umukuru wa MONUSCO, Martin Kobler ibyo yabihakanye yivuye inyuma ku wa gatatu ku ya 11 Gashyantare 2015.

Kobler yavuze ko MONUSCO na Congo bikiri kwiga ku bufasha MONUSCO izatanga n’uko izabutanga.

Ikibazo cy’abajenerali babiri bari gutuma FDLR itagabwaho ibitero cyari kuba cyoroshye iyo Congo Kinshasa yemera kubasimbuza abandi.

Ariko ku wa kane w’icyumweru gishize Congo Kinshasa yateye utwatsi ubusabe bwa Loni bwo kuba yasimbuje abajenerali babiri bayoboye ingabo zizagaba ibitero ku mutwe wa FDLR urwanya Leta y’u Rwanda bitarenze ku ya 13 Gashyantare.

Umuvugizi wa Leta ya Kinshasa yabwiye abanyamakuru ko Congo idateze gusimbuza abo basirikare bashinjwa na Loni ubugizi bwa nabi, kuko amategeko agenga iyirukanwa ry’abasirikare icyo gihugu kigenderaho atabyemera.

Ati "Twirukana cyangwa tugasimbuza umusirikare mukuru iyo yafunzwe mu nkiko zacu za gisirikare. Kandi icyo kintu ntikigeze kibaho.”

Impuguke muri Politiki ya Congo Jason Stearns asanga Perezida Kabila adahangayikishijwe no kurandura umutwe wa FDLR, ahubwo ko muri iyi minsi ahugijwe no kureba uko yakongera kwiyamamaza mu matora yo mu 2016.

src: Igihe

Ingabo za FIB ntizemerewe kurwanya FDLR kandi biri mu nshingano

Ingabo za FIB ntizemerewe kurwanya FDLR kandi biri mu nshingano

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12 février 2015 4 12 /02 /février /2015 08:33
UN yivanye mu bikorwa byo kurwanya FDLR. L.Mende ati “Nta kundi”

Kubera ko Leta ya Congo Kinshasa ngo itirukanye abasirikare babiri bakuru bo ku rwego rwa Generali baregwa ibyaha byibasiye inyoko muntu, ingabo z’Umuryango w’Abibumbye ngo ntabwo zigifashije ingabo za Leta ya Kinshasa ibikorwa byo kurwanya umutwe wa FDLR nk’uko byatangajwe n’umuvugizi. Umuvugizi wa Leta ya Congo Kinshasa we yatangaje ko Leta yabo itazacika intege mu kurwana na FDLR.

Ibitero kuri FDLR byatangijwe n’ingabo za FARDC zonyine n’ubwo byari bimaze iminsi bivugwa n’ingabo za MONUSCO ko igihe icyo aricyo cyose zizatera FDLR, umutwe wamaze kugaragazwa nk’ubangamiye umutekano mu karere.

Kutirukana abasirikare babiri bakomeye ba Congo ngo bitumye ingabo za UN nazo zitagiteye abarwanyi ba FDLR bashinjwa kandi ibyaha birimo ubwicanyi bakorera ku butaka bwa Congo.

Leta ya Congo yo yari yatangaje ko yahisemo ingabo zikomeye cyane zo kurwanya umutwe wa FDLR.

Umwe mu ngabo za Congo watoranyijwe mu bayobozi b’ibitero kuri FDLR, Gen Bruno Mandevu, ari ku rutonde rw’abantu 121 Umuryango w’Abibumbye ushinja ibyaha ku nyoko muntu birimo ubwicanyi no gufata ku ngufu

Leta ya Congo yo ivuga ko aba bagenerali barengana mu gihe cyose nta nkiko zabibahamije nk’uko bitangazwa na Reuters.

Nick Birnback umuvugizi w’Umuryango w’Abibumbye yatangarije BBC ko ngo hari ibimenyetso simusiga bihamya abo ba Generali bityo ko badashobora gukorana nabo mu buryo butaziguye.

Umuryango w’Abibumbye ufite ingabo zigera ku 20 000 muri Congo Kinshasa zagiye gufasha iki gihugu kugarura amahoro mu burasirazuba bwa Congo.

U Rwanda rufata umutwe wa FDLR nk’ikibazo mu karere kubera ingengabitekerezo ya Jenoside, kandi ukaba ari umutwe ugizwe na bamwe mu basize bakoze Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi mu Rwanda.

Tariki 29 Mutarama 2015 nibwo ingabo za Congo, zatangaje ko zitangiye kumugaragaro ibitero byo kwambura intwaro umutwe wa FDLR.

Nubwo bwose ingabo za MONUSCO ziri mu butumwa bw’Umuryango w’Abibumbye ari zo zavugaga ko zigiye kugaba ibitero kuri FDLR, ubu zivanye muri ibyo bikorwa zitaranabitangira kubera abagenerali babiri bari mu ngabo za FARDC ziri kurwanya FDLR.

Lambert Mende ati “ntakundi”

Lambert Mende, umuvugizi wa Leta ya Congo yatangarije ijwi rya Amerika ko mu rugamba biyemeje kurwana na FDLR batazacika intege, nubwo bwose ngo bakeneye ubufatanye bw’ingabo z’Umuryango w’Abibumbye.

Ati “Niba UN ibona itadufasha gukemura ikibazo (cya FDLR) yo ubwayo yateje mu 1994 ntakundi. Tuzagerageza kukikemurira, yenda tuzatakaza abantu benshi n’imbaraga nyinshi ariko dushake umutekano urambye iwacu.”

Lambert Mende yatangaje ko ibyo UN ishinja abo ba Generali ba Congo ntabyo bo bazi kuko nta makuru arambuye kubyo babarega bahawe kugeza ubu.

Src: Umuseke

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Published by Gakumba Adrien
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31 janvier 2015 6 31 /01 /janvier /2015 09:06
Yazanye iyi Cocaine iri kumwe n’ibikapu by’abagore bishya

Yazanye iyi Cocaine iri kumwe n’ibikapu by’abagore bishya

Airport: Police yafashe umugore utwaye Cocaine ya miliyoni 85 avanye Brazil

Police y’u Rwanda yagaragaje ku mugoroba wo kuri uyu wa 30 Mutarama 2015 umugore wo muri Kenya yataye muri yombi kuri uyu wa gatanu ku kibuga cy’indege mpuzamahanga cya Kigali atwaye 2Kg za Cocaine y’agaciro ka miliyoni 85 z’amanyarwanda avanye muri Brazil yerekeza muri Kenya. We avuga ko atari azi ko atwaye ibi biyobyabwenge.

Yahagurutse muri Brazil kuwa gatatu w’iki cyumweru

Lovini Wanjiku Njoroge, w’imyaka 45 y’amavuko wafatanywe ibi biyobyabwenge byo ku rwego rwo hejuru asobanura ko akigera i Sao Paolo muri Brazil yahahuriye n’undi mugore wo muri Kenya witwa Wailimu akamuha amasakoshi agera kuri ane ngo azayahe umukobwa we uri muri Kenya.

Muri aya masakoshi ngo Lovini Wanjiku ntiyigeza amenya ko harimo Cocaine kuko uwo mugore wayamuhaye yabonaga akuze adashobora kumushora mu kibazo cyo gutwara ibiyobyabwenge.

Wanjiku asobanura ko yari yagiye muri Brazil kwivuza ibikomere n’uburwayi yatewe n’impanuka akaba yari yageze muri Brazil tariki 10 Mutarama 2015 akavayo kuwa 28 Mutarama 2015.

Yafashwe avuye i Adis Abeba muri Ethiopia yerekeza iwabo muri Kenya ariko akaba yari bunyure i Bujumbura mu Burundi ngo kurebayo umukobwa we.

Uyu mugore yavuze ko aribwo bwa mbere yari agiye muri Brazil kandi ngo akaba atari azi Cocaine uko isa kuko ngo yabimenye ariko polisi y’u Rwanda ivuze ko ibyo afite ari Cocaine.

Ati: “Umuhamya wanjye ni Imana yonyine ko iyi Cocaine atari iyanjye.”

CSP Celestin Twahirwa, Umuvugizi wa Polisi y’u Rwanda avuga ko icyatumye Lovini afatwa ari ubufatanye bwiza buri hagati ya polisi y’u Rwanda n’ibindi bihugu, dore ko bahawe amakuru na polisi yo hanze.

Twahirwa avuga ko abantu bacuruza bene ibi biyobyabwenge badapfa kwemera ko ari ibyabo kuko bose baza bavuga ko babihawe n’abandi bantu, gusa ngo gufatira ibi biyobyabwenge mu Rwanda ntibivuga ko mu Rwanda bikoreshwa ahubwo ngo ni inzira baba bashaka kubinyuzamo.

Umwaka ushize mu kwezi kwa munani Polisi yafashe umwongerezakazi atwaye nawe Cocaine yambariye ku myanya myibarukiro ye, mu Uguhsyingo 2014 kandi Polisi yafashe abandi bantu babiri harimo n’umunyakenyakazi nabo bari batwaye Cocaine.

Lovini Wanjiku Njoroge avuga ko akora muri Salon de Coiffure no korora, avuga ko afite abana batatu, umugabo we ngo yaguye mu mpanuka.

Aramutse ahamwe n’icyaha cyo gukwirakwiza ibiyobyabwenge yahanishwa igihano cyo kuva ku mezi atandatu kugera ku myaka 10 n’ihazabu y’amafaranga kuva kuri miliyoni imwe kugera kuri miliyoni 10 nkuko biteganywa n’ingingo ya 594 mu gika cyayo cya gatatu mugitabo cy’amategeko ahana y’u Rwanda.

Police yerekana ibi biyobyabwenge byo ku rwego rwo hejuru

Police yerekana ibi biyobyabwenge byo ku rwego rwo hejuru

Aho yaciye hose yaje gufatirwa i Kigali

Aho yaciye hose yaje gufatirwa i Kigali

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29 janvier 2015 4 29 /01 /janvier /2015 14:09

Amakuru dukesha Jeune Afrique aremeza ko ku gicamunsi cyo kuri uyu wa Kane, 29, Mutarama, 2014 ingabo za DRC zatangije ibitero kuri FDLR mu gace ka Beni. Ibi ngo byatangajwe na Gen Didier Etumba umugaba w’ingabo za DRC.

Gen Didier Etumba yemeza ko ingabo ze zatangiye kurasa FDLR kuri uyu wa kane

Umukuru w’ingabo za MONUSCO, Gen Carlos Alberto dos Santos Cruz, yavuze ko ingabo ayoboye zitaratangira gufatanya na FARDC kurasa FDLR.

Abinyujije kuri Twitter, Martin Kobler yashimye ingabo za DRC ko zatangiye kurasa kuri FDLR .

Ejo mbere y’uko yurira indege ajya i Addis Abeba mu nama y’abakuru b’ibihugu by’Africa yunze ubumwe, Kobler yabwiye RadioOkapi ko igihe kigeze ngo FDLR irasweho.

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22 janvier 2015 4 22 /01 /janvier /2015 16:07
Ingabo za Kongo ngo zirahisha abarwanyi ba FDLR mbere yo kubagabaho ibitero

Umwe mu barwanyi ba FDLR wari mu ngabo za Kongo avuga ko ingabo za Kongo zirimo gufasha FDLR kuva mu birindiro ikavangwa n’abasirikare ba Kongo kandi ari zo zigomba kubagabaho ibitero.

Caporali Dukuze Victory watashye mu Rwanda taliki 21/01/2015 avuye muri Rutshuru mu gace ka Rubare hafi ya Pariki y’ibirunga avuga ko ibikorwa byo gufasha abarwanyi ba FDLR kwihisha bikorwa n’umuyobozi wa batayo y’abakomando ba UUR (Unité de réaction rapide) yahoze iyoborwa na Col Mamadou Ndala.

Caporali Dukuze asanzwe akorera muri Burigade 1300 iyobowe na Col Mateso uba Bunagana kuva M23 yatsindwa igahungira muri Uganda, akaba yari umurinzi wa Col Byinshi Gakunzi Moise ukorera Rubare hafi ya Rumangabo.Abarwanyi ba FDLR bari ahitwa Tongo muri Rutshuru bari ngo bazanwa mu kigo cya gisirikare kiri Rumangabo bagahabwa imyenda y’ingabo za Kongo ubundi bagashyirwa mu myanya muri Pariki y’ibirunga.

.Dukuze kandi avuga ko atari ubwa mbere ingabo za Kongo zifatanya na FDLR kuko ngo urugamba rwo kurwanya M23 yari arurimo kandi ingabo za Kongo na Monusco zafashijwe na FDLR yahawe ibikoresho birimo imbunda n’amasasu.Icyo gihe ngo ibikoresho bya gisirikare FDLR yahawe ntiyabisubije Leta ya Kongo kuburyo ingabo za Kongo zitatinyuka kurwanya FDLR bitewe n’ibikoresho ifite no kumenyera kuba mu mashyamba.Col Rama usanzwe uba Rumangabo ngo niwe ukora ibikorwa byo kuvana abarwanyi ba FDLR Tongo bagahabwa imyenda y’igisirikare cya Kongo ubundi bagashyirwa mu gisirikare mu gace ayobora hamwe n’agace kayoborwa na Col Mateso Tdedha Jean de Dieu wayoboraga Cpl Dusabe.

Tumwe mu duce abarwanyi ba FDLR bashyirwamo turimo Bukima, Ngugu, Nkokwe, amarembo ya Pariki ujya Rugari, Kibumba hafi y’ishyamba ry’ikirunga cya Nyiragongo ku musozi witwa Mujoga na Buhumba, Rutare, Karengera, Katembwe na Runyoni.

Bamwe mu barwanyi ba FDLR bivanze n’ingabo za Kongo harimo Lt Munyambibi Mouhamed uvuka mu karere ka Nyabihu ahitwa Mukamira n’undi witwa Cpl Ndayambaje Jean de Dieu uvuka mu murenge wa Nyakiriba mu karere ka Rubavu.Aba ngo bari Kibumba hafi y’umupaka w’u Rwanda kuko babonywe n’abaturage bo mu Rwanda naho Maj Fidel akaba ari Buhumba ahari antene hafi y’ikigo cy’abasirikare ba Monusco.

.Umwe mu basirikare ba FARDC ufite ipeti rya Majoro taliki 02/01/2015 akaba yari yatangarije Kigali Today ko abarwanyi ba FDLR benshi bakuwe mu duce Rutshuru, Masisi, Walikale na Lubero hamwe n’abakuwe Zambia na Kongo Braza-Ville bazanywe hafi y’umujyi wa Goma ahitwa Rusayo na Kibati kugira ngo bategure ibikorwa byo kugabwaho ibitero.

Uyu musirikare avuga ko nubwo ibitero bya FDLR byagombaga kuba, hari gahunda y’uko abarwanyi ba FDLR bagomba kuraswa begerezwa umupaka w’u Rwanda maze intambara yo kubarasaho yatangira bagahita binjira mu Rwanda bakagira aho bafata maze bagatangira ibikorwa byo gusaba imishyikirano

.Cpl Dukuze avuga ko nubwo imyiteguro yo kurasa FDLR ihari ngo ntacyo izageraho, we akaba ahisemo kuza mu Rwanda kuko yumva akumbuye umuryango we aheruka muri 2003 aho yakuwe ajyanwa Minembwe kuragira inka ariko akaza gushyirwa mu gisirkare cya Kongo muri 2005.

Cpl Dukuze avuga ko kurwanya FDLR bikozwe n’ingabo za Kongo byagorana kuko uretse kuba izi ngabo zikorana na FDLR ngo muri FARDC harimo FDLR zihinduye Abanyekongo kandi benshi bakaba bari mu mutwe wa Unité de Réaction Rapide.Mbere ya taliki 02/01/2015 umutwe wa FDLR wahawe na ICGLR na SADC ngo ube washyize intwaro hasi, abayobozi b’igisirikare cya FDLR bagiye bakora amanama atandukanye yo kwitegura uburyo bazahangana n’urugamba, inama ya nyuma bakaba barayikoreye Rusayo hafi y’umujyi wa Goma

.Nyuma y’iyo tariki nta cyakozwe kuri FDLR ahubwo harashwe umutwe w’inyeshyamba z’u Burundi ukorera muri Kivu y’Amajyepfo, mu gihe FDLR yagombaga kuraswaho yari muri Metero nke uvuye ahari ibirindiro by’ingabo za Monusco nk’uko bigaragazwa n’ikarita yakozwe mu kwezi k’Ukuboza 2014.

source: K2D

Lt Col Ramazan aka Rama uyobora abakomando ba FARDC mu duce twa Rumangabo agafasha FDLR. - See more at:

Lt Col Ramazan aka Rama uyobora abakomando ba FARDC mu duce twa Rumangabo agafasha FDLR. - See more at:

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